Konstantin Frolov



My name is Konstantin Frolov and I am a Cinematographer and Creative head of PressPlay Media Production Company. I started to work in film industry in Moscow around 2009, but technically I started many years ago, I used to be a video and sound engineer at school (between 2000-2003). Since that time I’ve participated in various productions of different kinds, worked as camera operator, editor and sound editor.  I also gained solid experience on troubleshooting and later began to work as an independent DP on short films and music videos. I worked on Projects such as Q13: Zhalgyzym(TV Movie), The Demo (Feature Film), Nothing Can Stop us (Feature Documentary), Yumna (Short film), The Millionaires (TV Series), Crime Cleaners (TV Series) and multiple award winning. I have collaborated with list of famous Artists such as Domingo Zapata, Musicians such as Orgy, Ookay, Florian Picasso, YouTube artists such as Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Simon Rex, Inanna Sarkis, Hanna Stocking, Dom Zeglaitis, Big Nik with close to 60 Million total views on a videos that we worked together. Also I create and shoot contents for commercials and music videos.IMDB



Cinematographer based in LA


PHONE: +1(323) 835-1115

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